Signing off an EDIS certificate

Link to a PDF explaining the full process for creating, editing and completing a certificate.

Summary of steps required to certify a certificate as complete:

1 Login to EDIS

2  Select the building, you can search for the building if required and then click on the building name

3. On the main menu click the Certificates option

4. In the certificate list action column, select edit certificate option from the drop-down list

5. Goto step 5 for the certificate

6. Click refresh and view the certificate

7. Tick the certify complete box

8. Click Finish button

9 Check your email for an EDIS email

10. Click the verification link in the email

11. If a qualifying supervisor has been selected, then the QS will also need to verify that the certificate is complete

EDIS requires you to login and certify that the certificate is complete; you will need to confirm the certification by clicking a link in the conformation email that the system sends you,