Securely store and easily access compliance reports, distribution board schedules and history

The EDIS cycle automates the creation and storage of electrical certificates and allows all other related electrical documents to be stored and tracked on the system. 

EDIS stores distribution board schedules, electrical certificates and any associated photograph or document.

For example, thermographic images can be associated with distribution boards, photos of any non-compliant observations can be attached to the observations, providing the opportunity for a before and after photo.

The documents that EDIS generates are available as PDF, and Excel documents allowing them to be easily shared and distributed if required.

Where the documents are created in EDIS the changes and updates of the underlying data is recorded providing a useful history of all changes made to a set of the data.

Automatically generating and updating documents allows the data to be entered one and searched, printed, downloaded and re-used many times providing a key benefit of the . Smarter EI&T®  approach that is powered by the EDIS system.