Use customised options and user interfaces to rapidly capture of test data


EDIS provides productivity tools for electricians preparing EICR; by providing all the available circuit charts for re-use a significant amount of re-keying is avoided.

EDIS also provides different methods of data capture- PC Browser,  Mobile app or Excel –  each of these interfaces enables the electrical tester to efficiently update 100’s of circuits or single fields.

Electrical Inspection and Testing Observations and Recommendations can be bulk captured, reviewed and stored., providing immediate visibility for the engineering team if these recommendations need to be remediated.

For larger programmes of work, all the data captured and stored on the EDIS system is safely stored and backed up and can be easily retrieved during the final certificates process –  preventing inadvertent data loss.

On completion of testing, a final certification workflow is initiated to sign-off the certificates and store the final, signed original certificate PDF.