Electrical Certificates

Create BS7671 compliant electrical certificates

EDIS provides electricians with BS7671 compliant forms for creating a variety of electrical certificates, including:

  • EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Reports): These reports assess the condition of existing electrical installations and identify any potential hazards.
  • New Installation Certificates: These certificates confirm that a new electrical installation complies with all relevant safety standards.
  • Minor Works Electrical Certificates: These certificates are used to record minor electrical works, such as the installation of new sockets or light fittings.

All EDIS certificates can be saved online and downloaded as PDFs. This makes it easy for electricians to keep track of their work and to share certificates with clients.

The electrical certificates can be downloaded to Excel, edited and uploaded, or generated as a PDF for sharing other stakeholders.

The reports are created by electricians and re-use the board schedules that already exist on the EDIS system; saving significant re-keying of distribution board schedule details.

Changes to distribution boards and associated circuits that are identified in the certificates are automatically saved to the Distribution Board so that the distribution board schedules always accurately reflects the as installed situation.

Observations and recommendations identified in the certificates are automatically added to an Action Required list.

EICR Certificates are RAG’ed to show the status of the certificate; providing at a glance view of the certificate status.

Smarter EI&T® is a more efficient way to create and manage electrical certificates by reusing available data and automating any data changes resulting from the information in the certificate