EDIS SMARTER EI&I – Track, edit, update and close-off the remedial actions

Recommendations and Observations created during the New Installations or EICR’s are automatically added to the list of Actions Required for the building.

This provides a ready list that can be used by engineering managers to track and manage the completion of remedial work that was identified during testing.

The Actions required list can be enhanced by categorizing and assigning the remedial activities

The Action Required export/import function allowed 1,000’s of rows to be exported to Excel; modified and then imported.  Providing a useful tool for keeping tabs on the status of the remedial actions.

A full audit trail and archive are kept of all actions: they can be traced back to the certificates, the assignment, the notes associated with the actions and finally details of closure – all providing s useful audit trail of actions taken.

Smarter EI&T®  links actions back to the certificate ensuring auditability and closure of actions taken; providing an easy and automatic mechanism for reporting on electrical compliance.