Each organisation can create a list of predefined observations and group them.  These observations will then be available for selection from a pick list when entering data into a Condition Report.

After reading this document you should be able to:

  • Request the creation of an Organisation
  • Invite users to be members of the organization
  • Create and manage organisation assets

1          Organisations Groups

Organisation groups allow organisations to create and maintain their own data assets, these data assets, e.g. lookup lists are unique to the organisations and only organisation members have access to the organisation’s assets.

An organisation is created by the EDIS system administrator and must be requested by the organisation.  This can be done by sending an email request to   After receiving a request to create an organisation the EDIS system admin creates the organisation and assigns a user to be the Organisation Administrator.

2          Organisation users and information assets

If a user is an organisation administrator they will see a menu option: Organisation Admin on the main menu.  The menu option allows the user to:

  • Invite new users to the organisation
  • Create Observation Groups (these are containers for a set of observations which relate to a similar area of electrical compliance, e.g. Earthing).  Adding an Observation Group will result in it being available  in a list when capturing observations in a condition report  
  • Create Observations from lookup, these are specific, but common observations. Adding an observation will make it available in the Observation and Recommendation lookup lists. in a condition report
  • Each Observation from lookup must belong to an Observation Group and each Observation Group can have many observations

If an organisation administrator adds assets to the organisation they are only available to users that belong to the organisation – new users can be invited or uninvited to the organisation by the organisation administrator via the organisation administration menu option.

3          Security and privacy

Only users belonging to the organisation will have access to organisation information assets; access to the assets is managed by the organisation administrator.

4          Further enhancements

Further enhancements could include:

  • Organisation specific reports
  • Additional lookup lists, e.g. over-current protection devices
  • Organisation Logos
  • Organisation actions required calendars and tasking
  • Template documentation, e.g. checklists, method statements

    For more information please contact

You need to contact EDIS Support in order to setup an organisation in EDIS.  Your team can then be invited to the organisation.

You can create organisation assets which will be displayed in pick lists in the system. 

You can invite team members to join the Organisation in order to gain access to your organisations pick list items.

Only your team has access to your organisation assets.