Very often electricians need  need to add additional comments lines within the existing numbering sequence of a distribution board schedule.

EDIS allows users to add lines to the distribution board schedule for standard single phase and 3 phase circuits as well as lines which have comments relating to the board or circuits. 

Comment lines need to be indicated by including a “-C” in the Phase type, so, 1-Circuit 1 indicates a comment, for phase Circuit Number 1  – L1.

For example, in the shedule below, there are comment lines for circuit 0, 1 and 4, 0L1-C, 1L1-C and 4-L1-C, by adding the “-C” the system will treat it as a comment, ignore the numbering and position it in the right place.

When editing a circuit the Circuit Phase is updated in the edit circuit form, in the screenshot below, the Phase value L1-C is selected.  This allows a comment to be added to the schedule.  By adding comment lines to a distribution board the electricain can ensure that the information correctly shows the distribution board circuit details.

The EDIS Excel view also allow addition of circuits with comments.  IN the Excel view circuits can be added and the phase changed to a comment phase by select a phase with a “-C” suffix.  THe SORT button updates the sorts the circuit order.

This feature allows users to add free text comments relating to the distribution board- it combines the sort order for circuits  of the standard  1phase and 3 phase distribution boards circuit numbering with the feature that allows descriptive text in a circuit row when required.

The circuit lines designated as comment lines are positioned before the energized circuit.  So, if a circuit number 2 has a assocaited comment the comment will be placed above circuit 2, as shown in the example below:


2-C RCD for power circuit


3     SPARE