How to plan and manage fixed wire testing

Useful guide to planning and carrying out Fixed Wire Testing

1.       You should be registered on the EDIS system-

2.       You should have reviewed the EDIS basic training videos –

3.       You must familiarize yourself with the latest BS7671; British Standard BS 7671 “Requirements for Electrical Installations. IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671:2008 incorporating Amendment 3:2015

4.       You must familiarise yourself with Guidance Note 3 Inspection and Testing for IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671:2008 incorporating Amendment 3:2015



This document assumes that you are familiar with the above documents and have registered on the EDIS system and have watched the basic training presentation.

  • This document has multi-purposes readers should select the chapter or section most relevant to the current task – attempting to read the document end to end is not recommended;
  • The document aims to provide guidance for each stage of the electrical testing lifecycle. The key chapters listed below can be read at each point in the life cycle:
    • Planning the EI&T programme
    • Example EI&T specification
    • Contractor work instructions for using EDIS
    • Using EDIS to ensure alignment with Guidance Note 3
    • Managing Observations and recommendations
    • EDIS procedures

The Process Flow below provides an overview of the documentation delivery from a Project manager’s perspective.