REGISTER: In the case where you do NOT have an Estate & Building

If you or your company do not have existing Estates and Buildings, then you should follow the procedure below:

1. Goto EDIS at
2. Click the GET STARTED menu option, Select the Tier you want to start on.
3. Enter registration details, click submit and the system will send
you an email (If you do not receive an email check your SPAM folder.)
4. Check your email and confirm your email address by clicking on the
confirmation link in the email sent to you from EDIS
After confirming your email:
5. Log into the EDIS
(if you have forgotten your password, request a password reminder)After Registration:
6. After logging in click on the “Request Estate Visibility” on the
landing page bottom right)
7. Select search and select the Estate you need access to or create an estate
8, Your access will be approved by the estate administrator

Download the PDF guide