Capturing Observations in Excel EICR sheets

Circuit observations can be captured in the Excel sheet – note that there are two columns for observations – Observation Group and the Observation.  

You can enter text directly into the Observation column.

You can only enter text in the Observation Group column by selecting from the observation group picklist. 

Predefined observations shown in the pick list

If you belong to an organisation on the EDIS system there will be predefined observations.  The predefined observations will appear in the Observation Group and Observation pick lists.  Here is more information about Organisation groups.

If you are not a member of an organisation, you will not see any options in the pick lists.   

Difference between Observation Groups and Observations

For example, RCD related observation may be grouped into the RCD group, Earthing observations may be grouped into the Earthing Group.

The grouping allows for easier management of large lists of observations.