EDIS provides a feature that enables users with Organisation Administration permissions to set default text for key Condition Report text boxes.

After reading this document you should be able to set default values for:

  • Purpose of the report
  • Extent of Installation Covered
  • Agreed Limitations (if any on the inspection & testing)
  • Operational Limitations (if any)


  • An organisation together with Organisation Members must exists (if an organisation is needed please email support@electricalcertificates.co.uk and note this is an Enterprise Tier feature)
  • You will need to be have Organisation Administrator permissions

1          Select the Organisation and edit the default values

From the Organisations Admin menu option select Manage Condition Reports Defaults option

2          Enter and Save the default text

There are two fields: Text Block and Overflow text.  The Text Block is a short phrase of text, the Overflow text provides  longer and more formattable block of text that can be used to elaborate on the short phrase.  The Overflow text will be added to the Certificate Appendices.

3          Using the default text

To apply the default text to a condition report, the organisation is selected when creating the Condition Report.  EDIS will then populate the fields when it creates the Condition Report.  The default text can then be edited.

4         View the resulting PDF 

The short text is included in the certificate Basic Information and the Overflow text is included in the Additional Comments tab.  The resulting text is included in the certificate PDF first page and Appendices.

After editing the Excel sheet, it can be uploaded.  Uploading is a two step process:

1) Upload the sheet and show which circuits will be imported

2) User reviews and submit or cancels the upload.