During the inspection and testing process, the electrical inspector records Observations and Recommendations.  These observations may include electrical faults and improvements that need to be completed in order to ensure the building meets the required electrical safety requirements.

The person requesting the report  must be informed of the observations so that the required action can be taken to correct any faults found and any required  improvements can be made.

EDIS facilitates the management of electrical danger notifications.

Before using the feature it needs to be activated by the EDIS system administrator, it is an enterprise solution feature.  Please contact if you would like to use this feature.

To access the feature, select the Estate and Building, then go to the Actions Required menu option.

You can then send individual Electrical Danger Notifications or bulk send a notification for all Actions Required associated with a single certificate.

The Electrical Danger Notification process can be summarised as a three step process:

  • Observation created in certificate
  • Notification is sent to the responsible person
  • An Instruction is received from the responsible person

The progress and logs associated with the above events are see in the history logs for the item

Below is a screenshot of the Action Required page showing the Manage Danger Notification button:


  The detailed process works as follows:

  1. Create a Certificate and add an Observations: An observation is created in the certificate
  2. In Action Required menu option: A Danger Notification for an observation is sent to the responsible person (the send date is logged in the action required history log)
  3. The responsible person receives a email regarding the notification 
  4. The responsible person clicks on the link in the email, logs into EDIS  and selects the instruction regarding the Item (the instruction is logged in the item history log)
  5. The users can view the status and history of the observations.

Observations can be sent for individual Actions Required or in bulk for all Actions Required relating to a certificate.


All changes to the item are logged and visible in the Action Required History or the Electrical Danger notification history views on the Manage Action Required page.


The Notification Status page is shown below, it shows the logs of the progress for an Observation created , a Notification sent and a Instruction received.