Uploading Excel Certificate data sheets to EDIS Cloud


This document assumes that you have downloaded the EDIS excel sheets using the multi sheet option.  After updating the Excel sheets for each distribution board, they can be uploaded.  This document does not relate to an excel file with that contains multiple boards in a single excel sheet.

Steps to upload the single sheet excel files

1 Login to EDIS

2 Select the Estate and Building

3 Click on the Certificate menu option


4. Find the certificate and click edit in the action column


5. Click Import Certificate


6.     Select Gallery option and Drag or Browse to the file you want to upload




7. The Import process will start on clicking the Import Excel button


8. The successful Import will be presented after the completion of the import


9. Finally  – you can refresh and view the PDF

You need to be registered and login before starting.

The main EDIS menu bar along the top of the screen provides the available options.

Click Certificates option to view the certificates list.

The Action Column is the first column in the certificate list  – this provides a number of options – for this process – select the Edit Certificate Option.

The two blue buttons on Basic Info page allow you to import and export EDIS Certificate Excel files.

Click the Import Option because you want to upload the excel sheets.