Electrical distribution board surveys are made easier and more accurate when using EDIS.  The EDIS Cloud and EDIS Mobile app makes it easy to capture and store the details, including images of electrical installations.  This allows you to create a useful survey record of the installation changes over time, including schedules, certificates and photographic proof. […]

Another EDIS ONLY feature: Mastering electrical certificates allows multiple EICR’s to be merged into a single EICR

MASTERING EDIS ELECTRICAL CERTIFICATESSolution for Large Fixed Wire Testing Programmes Managing certificates with 100’s pages or a large testing programmes requires special treatment.  EDIS electrical certificates provides a solution.  EDIS allows a team of electricians to merge their EICR certificates into a single master certificate. This new EDIS feature allows an Electrical Supervisor for group […]

New Remedial Completion Certificate – Closes the Gap

Announcing the New EDIS Remedial Completion Certificate The EDIS Remedial Completion Certificate – closes the loop After an EICR is completed, if the certificate is unsatisfactory, there will be a requirement to complete remedial works relating to the EICR’s Observations and Recommendations. Usually, these works need additional certifications, e.g minor works certificates, new Installation certificates, […]

BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 – changes are now Live!

BS 7671:2018+A2:2 changes are now live The latest BS7671 amendment now applies to all EDIS electrical certificates and EDIS certificates are now aligned with the BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 Model Forms. There are no data changes or loss of data; the changes are additive,.  Additional data fields for Surge Protection Devices and RCD’s are now available in the EDIS electrical certificates.  The  schedule of […]

BS 7671:2018 Amendment 2:2022 – EDIS pre-release notice

EDIS will be updated to align with the latest requirements for BS 7671:2018+A2:2022. This is a pre-release notice requesting electricians to complete any draft certificates.  This is required because all certificates starting from 1 August 2022 will follow Amendment 2 format. The intention is to release the Amendment 2 changes on 30 July 2022;  users […]


Over the past 3 months, we have added additional EDIS features that were requested by EDIS users.  These enhancements are aimed at improving the EDIS “Smarter Electrical Inspection and Testing” solution.   Our objective is always to improve the electrical compliance management process by providing a system that makes electrical testing and inspection as efficient and […]


Hi,  This is a short update on the latest EDIS Cloud enhancements, the new features are listed below: 1. Building notes: The building notes feature allows users to share and track the events and their status for each building This feature is particularly useful where the building testing is being planned. The feature allows users to […]


The latest EDIS Mobile version Iis ready for beta testing  You will need your EDIS user name and password to log into the app. The updated version of EDIS mobile incorporates QR code reader and improved photo handling. The QR code feature provides the latest Board Schedule details simply by scanning the QR code on […]