Solution for Large Fixed Wire Testing Programmes

Managing certificates with 100’s pages or a large testing programmes requires special treatment.  EDIS electrical certificates provides a solution.  EDIS allows a team of electricians to merge their EICR certificates into a single master certificate.

This new EDIS feature allows an Electrical Supervisor for group of DRAFT EICR certificates to combine certificates into a Single Master EICR Certificate – saving time and money for electricians, managers and customers.

The feature allows multiple electricians to create EICR certificates; these certificates can be sent to the EDIS Cloud where they can then be mastered into a single EICR.

The process requires the Electrical Supervisor to designate a EICR as the MASTER certificate and then selects the slave EICR’s which are added to the MASTER; the MASTER certificate, the observations and distribution board schedule and test results are then added to the MASTER EICR.

The feature is particularly useful when using the EDIS Mobile app to test large buildings or sites. he electrical testing team creates slave EICR’s then the Supervisor merges the certificates into a single MASTER EICR.