Are my buildings electrically compliant?

The the most important questions to answer after an  electrical testing program is whether the building is electrically compliant. For large estates or buildings, it can be difficult to answer this simple question.

EDIS is a tool that helps to plan, report and manage the electrical compliance for estates and buildings.

There are  three parts to determining the electrical compliance status:

1: Electrical Inspection and Testing

  • Overall Assessment stated in the EICR (Satisfactory/Non-Satisfactory)

2: Electrical remedial works

  • Actions Required status, (Closed/Open) (Note: EDIS turns observations in the EICR to Actions Required)

If the policy is to test 100% of the building, then the above two conditions are sufficient.  However,  If the testing program has specified limitations, then an additional report is required:

3: Test coverage (how many circuits have been tested?)

The percentage test cover for the building (i.e. the % of circuits tested)

To answer these questions integrated solution that captures all electrical inspection and testing information is required.  In a way the end to end visibility of the electrical compliance status can be provided.

EDIS provides the answer to the Question: Are my buildings electrically compliant?

This presentation provides more details: IS MY BUILDING ELECTRICALLY COMPLIANT_20July2023