A Single Pane of Glass to View Electrical Compliance Status

EDIS provides all the features required to manage electrical inspection and testing projects. One of the most powerful, but under used, features is the Monthly Compliance Report – this report provides a “Single Pane of Glass” through which you view the electrical compliance status across your estate.

EDIS Compliance Management is proving to be a useful tool for better, faster and easier electrical compliance management.

Because EDIS is a integrated electrical compliance tool it automates the reporting and tracking. All that is required is for the electrical inspection condition reports to be entered into the EDIS cloud.

To learn more watch the video below.

Watch the Compliance Planning Video

EDIS tracks electrical compliance on a circuit by circuit – the Electrical Compliance  Report uses this information to summarise and report on the compliance process.

Circuit level tracking is an electrical compliance management best practice. The feature provides a single view of all the circuits across an estate and allows users to report on buildings, boards and circuits that need testing. Using this information, EDIS provides a program of electrical testing to be prepared. The program lists the planned test date for buildings, building sections, boards and circuits.

The circuit-level compliance planning provided by EDIS is enables annualized testing to be accurately tracked – providing clear reports on what has been tested and what needs to be tested and when it needs to be tested.

All the planning data is automatically generated based on the certificates completed during the electrical inspection and testing programme –  any changes can also be easily updated for each circuit or in bulk.

By automating the capture and updating of circuit and board details EDIS facilitates Smarter EI&T®

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