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Hotmail, Outlook and Live email accounts unblocked

Sending EDIS system emails to Hotmail, Outlook and Live email accounts has been unblocked.

Unfortunately sending emails from EDIS system to addresses hosted by Microsoft has been blocked for approximately 2 months. The reason for the delay in resolving the issue was that initially it was not clear why the emails were bouncing and Microsoft not very co-operative in clearing out the issue.

On 5Nov2020 we managed to resolve the issue and all Hotmail, Outlook and Live accounts should now have access to the EDIS system.

Amendment No 1 of BS 7671:2018 (Amendment 1:2020)

The amendment No 1 of BS 7671:2018 was published in Feb2020. This required small update to EDIS.
Amendment 1 contains an updated Section 722 (Electric Vehicle Charging Installations) only. The update primarily allows electrical designers and electricians to take advantage of advances in electric vehicle charging technology. This will facilitate support for the Government’s target of at least 50% of new car sales to be ultra-low emission by 2030 by reducing the cost of installing electrical vehicle charging points.

EDIS Support

EDIS SOUND BITE - EDIS implements better identification, tracking and control of Observations and Recommendations

When doing an EI&T project the observations and recommendations are surprisingly uniform. One way of improving the efficiency of the EI&T process is to provide pre-defined lists of observations which can be selected from a drop-down list of options and if necessary enhanced with additional text by the electricians doing the inspection and testing.

PRESS RELEASE: The prevailing approaches to electrical compliance management are broken!

The prevailing approach to the planning and quantifying fixed wire Electrical Inspection and Testing programme is a completely manual process. The result is unnecessary cost, time and risk. Improving the process will reduce the time, effort and cost required to plan, monitor and track the electrical compliance. In an environment where budgets are under pressure and reduced staff levels are the norm any reduction in effort, cost and time will be a welcome relief.

The attached press release provides the antidote to this problem.

IHEEM South West Branch (Bristol) Smarter EI&T presentation


Smarter EI&T presentation was made to the IHEEM South West Branch at the Gleeds offices in Bristol. The presentation is attached below and can be downloaded here. 

18th Edition (BS 7671:2018) Amendment 2 is being prepared

The 18th Edition (BS 7671:2018) Amendment 1, which concerns electric vehicle charge points, came into effect on 1 February 2020.   

The ongoing amendments to BS7671 are required for the standards to remain current and aligned with changes in technology, installation techniques and changes to other standards.

Amendment 2 is now in progress.  The proposed changes were in Draft for Public Comment (DPC) between 21 September to 11 December 2020. 

Potential changes include:

Health Estates Journal publishes a Feature Article based on EDIS

The Health estates journal June 20202 edition has published a feature article based on the EDIS experiences titles "How To Undertake Fixed Wire Testing Effectively". This article appears in the June 2020 edition of the Health Estates Journal.

Testing large buildings and complex infrastructure is not for the faint hearted

Our observation over the last 10 years is that fixed wire testing electrical contractors, engineers and electricians are skilled and competent. However, another observation is that electrical testing programmes for large buildings and estates are fraught with issues such as incomplete testing, incomplete documentation, lack of transparency, disagreement on scope and completeness of work, tasks that are difficult to track and manage - all this leads to dissatisfied customers

EDIS ONLY FEATURE - EDIS provides a de-duping feature for better manging the data in distribution boards

EDIS improves efficiencies by providing a database with distribution board schedules which can be re-used when creating electrical certificates. Overtime this list of boards and circuits starts accumulating duplicate boards, e.g DB/P/1/ESS and P/1/Ess. The problem is that boards have partially correct information. The challenge is to merge these two sets of information.


Electrical Contractor's provide their electrical services in various ways- each contractor has a unique way of working. EDIS facilitates these unique ways of working by allowing organisations to store and manage their unique information assets on EDIS. These may be lists of breakers, MCB's and RCD's, observations text, logos or document templates, e.g. methods of work and risk assessments. The initial implementation focuses on Observation Groups and Observations - each observation belongs to an observation group.

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