Smarter EI&T® Reports

EDIS powers Smarter EI&T® 

Reporting on Electrical Compliance

EDIS provides a 365-degree view of the electrical compliance.  There are three key reports:

  • Certificates – completed electrical certificates need to be signed and verified by the test engineers
  • Test coverage – this is the percentage of circuits that have been tested, compared to the untested circuits
  • Observations and recommendations (Actions required) – the electrical certificates include observations and recommendations; these need to be remediated to bring the property into compliance.


All three factors need to be reported on in order to provide a holistic view of the building compliance.

The certificate alone is not suitable, the redial works need to be addressed and the circuits not tested need to be kept to a minimum.  Completing a certificate, results int the board and circuit data and the observations being updated in the cloud.  This data is then used to generate a compliance report for each building.  The report provides the test coverage, the status of the remedial works and the future test requirements.