Smarter EI&T® Planning

EDIS Powers Smarter EI&T® 

Planning electrical Inspection

The objective of the planning is to prepare an inspection and testing programme of work for the building or estate.

The EDIS board list allows the boards and circuits to be downloaded into an Excel workbook.  This list of boards and circuits is a key input into the planning phase where the project manage, works with the occupants of the building and the electrical tester to establish a practical schedule for delivering the scope of the work. 

EDIS provides information that allows the planning to be done by section, floor, or specific location. 

If annual testing is undertaken, EDIS provides the last text next test date for each circuit and distribution board.  This information ensures that circuits are not unnecessarily tested or that circuits or boards are not missed.

After the schedule of boards that need to inspected have been identified the test engineers can then add the boards to the electrical condition report, without having to re-key any of the board and circuit details.