NHS Trusts Improve Electrical Compliance

EDIS innovations help NHS Trusts improve fixed wire electrical planning, inspection, testing and reporting

  • 60% saving in planning, administration and reporting on electrical inspections
  • Accurate data by linking the Physical Asset to it’s Digital Twin by having a QR code that displays the latest  distribution board schedule and related information directly from the live database.
  • Monthly compliance status report that provides actionable information, highlight gaps, priorities and enables Estate Managers to make data driven decisions on electrical compliance management.

EDIS is an online system for managing electrical information relating to electrical testing and electrical safety.  The transition from spreadsheet and manual processes to the EDIS digital platforms has resulted in a multitude of benefits for NHS estates managers. These benefits include enhanced efficiency, safety and information quality relating to electrical certificates, schedules and compliance.

EDIS streamlines administrative tasks, such as managing test & maintenance schedules, tracking the completion of critical tasks, and keeping the status up to date, reducing the time and effort required for these operational functions. Real-time data access empowers estates managers with accurate information, enabling better decisions data driven decisions. 

60% is saving in digital transformation efficiencies


The simple analysis on the right vividly illustrates the potential 60% saving that EDIS will provide.

EDIS enables planners, engineers, electricians and compliance managers to collaborate using the same data – EDIS auotmates the updating of the data providing forms and reports for all electrical certificates and PDF reports and excel downloads for deeper analysis and reporting.

Having access to the right information drives productivity and improves safety. 


A QR Code Links to the Digital Twin

Over many years of improving the electrical testing and inspection processes the biggest challenge is data quality.  The lack of data quality is due to the tenuous the link between the physical assets and the digital records –  EDIS solves this problem by providing a QR code, the QR code is attached to the physical asset and the encoded URL links to the digital asset – this provides a verifiable connection between the installed asset and the recoded information.  


Automatic Building Electrical Compliance Report

The the most important question to answer during an  electrical testing program is whether the building is becoming more electrically compliant. The video on the right provides an overview of how EDIS answers this tricky question..

The video shows how EDIS provides a single page report that provides the electrical compliance for each building, distribution board and circuit.

As electricians complete electrical certificates a centralised database is updated enabling detailed reports on the status of a building, board or circuit.

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