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EDIS Updates: Additional compliance report, Monthly report enhancements, Additional photo management

This is a short update on the EDIS changes made over the past 3 months:

Based on user requests EDIS continues to improve. The enhancements aim to make the system easier to use; saving you money and time in managing your electrical compliance programmes.  Over the past 3 months the following enhancements and features have been rolled out: 


EDIS V3.0 continues to be enhanced. The latest feature enhancement is to the monthly report. The reports are subscription based so that you can subscribe/unsubscribe to the reports. There are two reports:

Keeping in touch - Smarter electrical compliance management with EDIS

You are receiving this email because you have previously been involved with EDIS in some way. Over the past 5 years EDIS has matured and now provides an end-to-end electrical compliance management solution that powers Smarter Electrical Inspection and Testing. EDIS is used in more than 5,000 buildings and by more than 3,000 electricians to create and manage electrical certificates. Further information is in the attached presentation, please call me on: 0333 772 0829 if you want to discuss your electrical compliance management requirements.

Electrical certificates software upgrade - EDIS LOCAL V3.0


This is a quick update on EDIS Local- the free full feature electrical testing software.

EDIS Local V3.0 has been released.  In addition to providing new enhancements, the V3.0 release of EDIS Local is a major release and brings EDIS Local inline with the latest BS7671:2008 Amendment 3 2015. EDIS Local syncs with EDIS Cloud which allows users to store and share data.

EDIS LOCAL V3.0 release (EDIS PC version) - Free electrical certificate software


If you are an EDIS Local user you may need to take action in preparation for the next upgrade.

 The V3.0 release of EDIS Local has been prepared and is planned for release in the next week.  V3.0 is a major release and will bring EDIS Local inline with the latest BS7671:2008 Amendment 3 2015.

EDIS V3.0 has been released

Good Day, 

The latest version of EDIS has been released. EDIS V3.0 is a general update of the EDIS system. The release is primarily aimed at including the latest BS7671 amendments and improving the user experience for tablet and mobile users of the system.


The system interface has changed, but remains similar to EDIS V2.0 - if you have any questions please contact EDIS Support


EDIS V3.0 Upgrade: status and action required

EDIS is going through final preparations for the upgrade to EDIS V3.0; testing and snag fixes will continue for the next two weeks. The revised release date for the upgrade is 18June2015 which is two weeks later than planned.

The V3.0 upgrade is a total re-development of the system and will provide a better user experience for both PC and Tablet users.

As we prepare for the upgrade, we need your assistance:
1) Please close off all incomplete certificates before 18June, this will convert the certificates to a PDF with signed original status.

EDIS Local Upgrade -

EDIS Local has been upgraded to v2.0.1.6 - the upgrade will be automatically applied when you use the system next.

Notice on EDIS Local BS7671 ammendment 3 2015 changes:

EDIS availability Friday 14Nov2014

The EDIS system was unavailable for 4 hours on Friday 14Nov2014, 8am-12noon - this unplanned downtime was due to an error which was caused by a regular disaster recovery drill.

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