EDIS is continually enhanced based on your requests.  The “comments on circuits” feature have been refined, tested and is now ready for general release; the feature is described below.

Split load distribution boards do not follow the normal distribution board schedule numbering scheme, the RCD’s are not “circuits” as such, they do however need to be shown on a distribution board schedule.

To address this issue EDIS allows “comment” lines to be added to the distribution board schedule, this allows users to add lines of additional information to the distribution board schedule without affecting the circuit numbering. This is useful in the case of split boards where the RCD for each section can be added to the schedule. The comment lines can also be used for providing any other additional information. These comment lines allow the user to be as descriptive as necessary without affecting the circuit numbering.

The comment line is selected by selecting a phase value with the suffix “C”, e.g. L1-C, or L3-C.    Here are the steps for adding comment circuits:

1. After logging in and selecting a building, select the Boards menu option

2. Search for the board you need to edit 2. In the action column click show circuits

3. Then click edit circuit on the circuit to edit or add a circuit, then in the edit circuit form select a comment phase value e.g. Select L1-C

Further information can be found on the EDIS user guide

EDIS support.