EDIS is continually improved and enhanced, since the release of BS7671 18th edition EDIS has had 6 major releases.

Each release has improved the EDIS system for its stakeholders.  Most of the features included in the releases are requested by our users.  We hope these improve the EDIS experience and enable better, faster, quicker electrical certificates and compliance management.

We give each release an animal name :-), below are some features included in the releases:

  • EDIS Flamingo release provided Organisation Group features that allowed contractors to easily manage their unique data, e.g providing lookup lists for observations and recommendations.
  • EDIS Gecko release provided features to bulk manage the building board list data and bulk update circuit designations, for example, the distribution board data can be downloaded to Excel, updated and re-loaded.  This allows key fields such as the locations or space-id’s to be easily bulk updated.
  • EDIS Hawk release provided a series of user interface enhancements.
  • EDIS Iguana release improved data integrity by improving lookup lists, e.g dynamically providing section, floor and location lookups.
  • EDIS Jaguar release aimed to improve the compliance reporting process for estate managers, for example, it provides a Red-Amber-Green traffic light system to quickly indicate the status of a certificate and the associated remedial work.
  • EDIS Kangaroo release aimed to improve the features relating to circuits, for example, it allows users to add a “comment” circuit, this is a non-electrical circuit and provides a line on the circuit chart for free text and is used to improve information on the circuit chart.

If you’re not using any of the above features, please contact us.  If you have any feature requests also do not hesitate to contact me…the Leopard release is waiting :-).