The latest EDIS Mobile version Iis ready for beta testing  You will need your EDIS user name and password to log into the app.

The updated version of EDIS mobile incorporates QR code reader and improved photo handling.

  • The QR code feature provides the latest Board Schedule details simply by scanning the QR code on the board. This saves time in printing and attaching the schedules to the board and also ensure that the latest schedule is instantly available at the board, simply scan the code to see the schedule.
  • The photo handling now allows for rapid inclusion of photographs into the test certificates. This feature allows the user to capture images while testing, associate them with an observation then upload them to the EDIS Cloud. The result is images are associated with the Observations and shown in the electrical certificates.

You are invited to be an EDIS Mobile app beta tester, the Beta testers have early access to the latest mobile app and features – your support and assistance is appreciated. Here are the links:

ANDROIDGoogle Play Beta

Please check that you have downloaded V2.5



APPLE iOS:  Apple Test Flight
You will need to download the Testflight app to your phone,this allows you to access the latest app.
Please check that you have downloaded V2.5

.EDIS devices

To use the app you will need to download and install the app and login using your EDIS login details.

After logging in the app will download your estates and buildings – you can then download boards and certificates or create boards and certificates.

A brief set of instructions are here

The EDIS Mobile app is tightly coupled with the EDIS Cloud so you will be able to:

 – Import and export data from the EDIS Cloud.

– Create boards and certificates

– Upload the details to the cloud

Let me know if there are any queries.


EDIS Support