Hi,  This is a short update on the latest EDIS Cloud enhancements, the new features are listed below:

1. Building notes: The building notes feature allows users to share and track the events and their status for each building

This feature is particularly useful where the building testing is being planned. The feature allows users to add building notes regarding the status and tasks relating to the building, the full set of notes can be downloaded in an Excel format. The system automatically adds notes when a certificate is completed and at other key events in the process.

2. Seamless login: If a user uses Google Enterprise or Microsoft Office 365, this feature will allow the users to log into EDIS with their corporate email.   The first implementation allows users with Google Enterprise to use their credentials to log into the EDIS Cloud. EDIS Cloud authenticates the user credentials against their Google Enterprise account. The Office 365/Microsoft login will be provided next month.

3. Performance enhancement: Downloading large “Action Required” Excel sheets performance improvement.

This feature improved the downloading of large excel sheets.

4. Security posture enhancement: Improvements identified by the EDIS cybersecurity risk assessment have been implemented, further enhancing the EDIS Cloud security posture.

Let us know if there are any requirements from your side.