EDIS API enables integration with CAFM system providing an EI&T module for the CAFM and other maintenance management systems

A system API can play a powerful role in reducing paperwork by injecting automation and streamlining workflows at various stages. Here’s how the EDIS API fights against the administrative and paper work overload.:

Data pre-filling and retrieval:  EDIS APIs can automatically pre-fill forms , eliminating the need for manual entry and saving time. For instance, observations and recommendations captured during inspection and testing can be easily retrieved and re-used when creating the remedial tasks in the CAFM or Maintenance Management systems.

Document generation and routing: EDIS APIs can generate documents like draft PDF certificates and can route these for verification and sign off, expediting the sign off, record update and filing process.

Data exchange and integration: EDIS APIs can seamlessly exchange data between different systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. This is particularly helpful for tasks like exporting and importing distribution board schedules.

Workflow automation: APIs can automate complex workflows involving multiple steps and approvals. This can streamline processes like purchase orders, employee onboarding, and leave requests, freeing up human resources for more strategic tasks.

Mobile accessibility: Mobile-friendly EDIS APIs allow users to access and process paperwork tasks on the go, increasing flexibility and reducing the need for physical paperwork.  This is particularly useful when using EDIS QR Codes that can be directly read and updated from your smartphone.

Real-time tracking and visibility: EDIS APIs can provide real-time visibility into the status of paperwork tasks, enabling better tracking and management. This transparency can help identify problem areas in an inspection and testing programme, where limitations, observations and other blockers can be reported on based on the information provided to the API.

The EDIS API, is available via api.electricalcertificates.co.uk and provides all the EDIS functionality, this means that it can be used to create, manage and extract all EDIS data to support a clients unique workflows and processes –  The EDIS and the EDIS API provides a module that can plug into any CAFM or Maintenance management system, extending the functionality of the CAFM and Maintenance System, and saving the cost and effort of developing the inner workings required to maintain the electrical certificates and circuit details associated electrical compliance tracking and reporting.