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The impact of the 18th Edition (BS 7671:2018) - RCD protection for all socket-outlets

In line with the requirements of the 2018 edition of BS7671 EDIS has been enhanced to allow the RCD's on the sockets for EACH circuit to be tested. The new functionality has been incorporated into the Smarter EI&T® features and work flow. 

The 18th Edition to the Wiring Regulations, due to publish 1st July 2018, has, amongst other areas, resulted in changes in the regulation relating to RCD's. Part 4 - Protection for Safety (Chapter 41) of the BS7671 2015 permitted an exception which allowed the omission of additional protection to socket-outlets with rated current not exceeding 20A by an RCD. This exception is slated to be removed from BS7671 2018. Regulation 411.3.3 will in future require RCD protection for all socket-outlets with a rated current not exceeding 32A.

Previously this requirement was easily addressed via a documented risk assessment. However, the new requirement implies that each socket outlet (end point) with a rated current of 20A or less will require RCD protection. Our interpretation of this mandatory compliance requirement is that it can no longer be met via a risk assessment only; the socket RCD's need to be inspected and tested. Proof of this will need to be documented. (This requirement is not retrospectively applied, but applies to any new installations).

 The testing and inspection requirements for RCD's are described in Section 612.10 "Additional Pretection", "the verification of the effectiveness of the measures applied for additional protection is fulfilled by visual inspection and test. Where RCDs are required for additonal protection, the effectiveness of automatic disconnection of supply by RCDs shall be verified using suitable test equipment according to BS EN 61557-6 (see regulation 612.1) to confirm that the relevant requirements in Chapter 41 are met."

In order to facilitate this requirement EDIS has enhanced the condition report to allow the endpoints (sockets) for each circuit to be tested. The measurements for these tests can be captured and any observations and recommendations can be captured.

The screenshot below shows board 104 DB, cicuit 1-L1 with two end points, the RCD details and test and inspection details can be captured via this form.

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