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Electrical Testing of 3,000 properties in a public sector housing estate

In order to manage the electrical certificates (18,000 pages) generated by this geographically dispersed programme of work a number of requirements needed to be met:
  • The documents needed to be centrally collated and managed in order to prove that the work had been done
  • A record of the tests needed to be available for future reference
  • The results needed to be easily accessible in the event of an incident relating to the electrical infrastructure of one of the properties
  • Spot checks needed to be easily done without incurring additional costs   
The challenges were:
  • To efficiently collect the data associated with each of the properties tested
  • To easily transfer test data so that appropriate periodic inspection certificates could be created
  • To allow the testor and qualifying supervisor to easily sign-off the certificates
The requirements were met and the challenges were overcome by using a web based electrical testing software which could collect data on-site. The EDIS Excel sheets were used to collect the test data on site, these sheets were sent via email to a central administrator who uploaded the data, and prepared the certificate.
Once the certificate was ready for sign-off the electrician would log into the EDIS website and approve the certificate, the electrical supervisor could then accept the certificate. If the electrical supervisor accepted the certificate a pdf document was created and the electrician’s and supervisor’s signatures were electronically added to the pdf. The final pdf was then available for view or distribution via the EDIS.
Because all the data is stored in a database the data can be used for a number of reporting purposes, including costing, next test dates, certificate status.
Finally, all the electrical distribution schedules could be printed and distributed to the properties.
The data residing in the system will make the next round of testing mush easier as the amount of data capture will be significantly reduced.
The Client and Contract manager needed to make no effort in finding, storing or retrieving the certificates or schedules as all the data and certificates were on the system, accessible and available at any time.


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