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Smarter EI&T using the EDIS Cloud




Smarter EI&T ensures your buildings are compliant and your duty of care is fulfilled



EDIS is used in large estates and large buildings providing a single repository for their electrical compliance data



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EDIS internet based electrical testing software

If you are running or planning fixed wire Electrical Inspection and Testing projects - EDIS provides an efficient and effective solution for managing the project, creating electrical certificates and tracking the list of cat errors. If your project covers a large number of properties, e.g. housing estates or large estates, where a team is working to complete and deliver a vast number of certificates to your client EDIS is the ideal solution.

New Release of EDIS for BS 7671 2008: Amendment 1

This is an announcement to tell you that a new release of EDIS has been completed today. When you log in you will notice that the release includes:
1. Updates to ensure that EDIS meets the requirements of Amendment 1 BS7671, 2008. The previous format remains available and electricians can choose which format to use.
2. Improved filtering and downloading of data lists; providing more control over the way data is accessed and viewed.


EDIS, the web based electrical testing system provides a simple, convenient web based solution to create, edit and store electrical certificates and distribution board schedules.

EDIS follows the requirements of British Standard BS 7671 "Requirements for electrical installations". With Amendment 1 available in Dec2011.

You can try EDIS in 3 easy steps to creating a certificate:

EDIS is a multi-user web based system – accessible from any browser by authorised users. It requires no IT support, simply login via a browser.

EDIS Upgrade - Sept2011: Enhanced user rights management

EDIS is constantly improving in line with user requests for better usability and process efficiency; some changes are larger than others. The next release of EDIS has undergone a major change. The release will provide enhanced user self service and user rights making it easier to register and request user rights

EDIS Makeover

EDIS's homepage has had a makeover! The website address has not changed; you can see the new home page here:

The new website aims to make self service easier, providing more user help files, FAQ's and other information. If at any stage you are stuck or require assistance contact :

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