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EDIS user group news letter

EDIS user group newsletter

EDIS V3.0 Upgrade: status and action required

EDIS is going through final preparations for the upgrade to EDIS V3.0; testing and snag fixes will continue for the next two weeks. The revised release date for the upgrade is 18June2015 which is two weeks later than planned.

The V3.0 upgrade is a total re-development of the system and will provide a better user experience for both PC and Tablet users.

As we prepare for the upgrade, we need your assistance:
1) Please close off all incomplete certificates before 18June, this will convert the certificates to a PDF with signed original status.

EDIS availability Friday 14Nov2014

The EDIS system was unavailable for 4 hours on Friday 14Nov2014, 8am-12noon - this unplanned downtime was due to an error which was caused by a regular disaster recovery drill.


A number of additional features and fixes have been added to EDIS over the past months:
-Improved certificates management which provides easier searching
-Improved board schedule downloads that provides a more comprehensive and easier to use list of board schedule formats

EDIS Service: Intermittent Outages

I have received two user support calls indicating that the EDIS network is unreachable. This occasional unavailability is due to the fact that the Internet address for the new EDIS servers has not yet been distributed across the Internet. The result is that requests from your computer are sent to the old address and are not being serviced.

This issue will disappear overtime; we are monitoring the situation to ensure that we do everything to speed the propagation of the new server addresses across the internet.

EDIS Server upgrades 27-28July

As part of the ongoing enhancements to EDIS the server and hosting infrastructure is being upgraded. There is no action on your part, however, you should be aware that we are moving data and documents this Saturday and Sunday. You will be able to view your data, but please do not do any updates to your data until Monday.

The enhancements should result in a better EDIS Experience and smarter EI&T.

Thank you for your support

Cobweb-IS Ltd


The first phase of the EDIS planned maintenance activities have been completed and the system has been returned to normal service. The 2nd phase is scheduled for 28July; this will upgrade the EDIS Servers and provide an EDIS Local connection to EDIS Central.

I will email you with more details before this task starts.

Cobweb IS Ltd


As part of the on going enhancements, the EDIS system needs to undergo Phase 1 of 2 planned maintenance activities. The Phase 1 changes will be applied between Friday 12JULY to Monday 15JULY - these change are related to data consolidation. The Phase 2 will relate to server infrastructure and will take place in 3 weeks time.

Since the database will be undergoing changes you should not make any updates to your on-line EDIS data over this period. Any of your existing data which is planned for upload should be completed before Thursday 11July2013.

EDIS Updates

This newsletter aims to keep you updated on the latest EDIS features and functions so that you can benefit from using them.  EDIS continues to be improved by implementing your suggestions, the most recent enhancements are described below:


EDIS Central - Upgrade 25June2012

A new version of EDIS Central has been released!

The release includes the following enhancements:

- Improved reporting on certificate statuses, providing a report showing the sign-off status of each certificate that allows users to assess the status and send email inquiries directly from the system

- Workflow to allow designers to electronically sign off new installation certificates

- Minor refinements of existing features and improvements to existing certificates layouts.

Managing thermographic images using EDIS

This is an EDIS best practice notification, it aims to ensure that you get the most out of EDIS.

The increasing use of infra-red measurements for non-intrusive and early diagnosis of weak spots and defects in electrical infrastructure has resulted in an increase in the number of thermographic reports and images.

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