Electrical certification software for estates

Choreographed electrical testing



Smarter EI&T using the EDIS Cloud




Smarter EI&T ensures your buildings are compliant and your duty of care is fulfilled



EDIS is used in large estates and large buildings providing a single repository for their electrical compliance data



Smarter data capture service to ensure you get the best out of your data

EDIS Local alert and updates

A newsletter for EDIS Local, subscribers will receive alerts and updates on changes to EDIS Local. This will ensure that they are always using the right version of the software.

EDIS Local - free electrical certificates software will no longer be supported

You previously downloaded EDIS Local, the free system for electrical certificates, and may be using it to create your electrical certificates. If you are using EDIS Local, please carefully read this email as it affects the future of the system. If you are not using EDIS Local please unsubscribe by clicking the link below. This is what you should know:

1. EDIS Local will continue to work, but it will receive no further updates and will not be supported.

2. The system is being replaced by a new set of applications - EDIS Excel, EDIS Mobile and EDIS for Windows 10.

EDIS LOCAL V3.0 release (EDIS PC version) - Free electrical certificate software


If you are an EDIS Local user you may need to take action in preparation for the next upgrade.

 The V3.0 release of EDIS Local has been prepared and is planned for release in the next week.  V3.0 is a major release and will bring EDIS Local inline with the latest BS7671:2008 Amendment 3 2015.

EDIS Local - free upgrade

You are receiving this emaill because you registered to receive EDIS Local upgrade alerts.

The latest EDIS Local (v1.1.0.1) is ready for download, please upgrade to ensure these fixes are applied to your version of EDIS Local.  There are TWO approached to upgrading:

APPROACH 1,  CHECK FOR UPDATE: Start EDIS Local, click Help menu option, click Check for Updates  - this will initiate the upgrade.

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