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EDIS Updates

This newsletter aims to keep you updated on the latest EDIS features and functions so that you can benefit from using them.  EDIS continues to be improved by implementing your suggestions, the most recent enhancements are described below:


EDIS THERMOGRAPHIC CERTIFICATE: Enhancing your compliance planning and management

The Thermo certificate provides a single repository for all your thermo reports; by tracking the next thermo/last thermo dates you can manage, track and plan the ongoing thermographic surveys for your buildings.


REMINDERS EMAILS TO CONTRACTORS: Enhancing your EDIS data integrity

A monthly report is sent to all users reminding them to complete their outstanding EDIS actions.The reminder will improve the proper completion of certificates and anyother outstanding actions. 


EDIS DEEP FREEZE: Enhancing your EDIS data backups

The EDIS Deep Freeze” is an enhancement to the current backup regime.  EDIS archives are stored on different platforms to ensure redundancy and to ensure data availability in the event of any disaster. The Deep Freeze provides for daily data to be stored and held for two years.


EDIS CHANGE HISTORY: Providing an audit trail of changes to EDIS data

The EDIS change history has been enhanced to track all changes to board details, including changes due to certificates, direct edits or excel uploads. This provides a report all changes made to distribution boards and circuits further enhancing data integrity.


COMING SOON: Improvements to EI&T Scheduling, EDIS Mobile and EDIS Local

- Enhancements to the EDIS EI&T Scheduler will provide better planning for rolling EI&T programmes, allowing partial testing to be accurately planned and controlled.

- EDIS Mobile and EDIS Local will provide an alternative interface to EDIS, allowing contractors and electricians to sync with EDIS Central, providing an efficiency boost to EDIS users.

More details can be found on the EDIS website -





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