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EDIS - A new system release planned for the Sat 10 June 2017

Over the past 2 months we have been making changes to the EDIS system, this release implements changes to the Excel template for electrical test certificates. Because the EDIS templates are going to be changed certificates using old templates will no longer work after the release.

For this reason all excel certificates should be imported back into EDIS before the system changes on Saturday 10 June. The certificates can remain in draft mode, they need not be certified complete. The change will only impact certificates in Excel form that have not been imported. All other data will be retained and not changed.

The main change is the enhancement of the capturing of observations and recommendations; engineering managers will be able to create a list of pre-defined observations and associated severity codes which can then be selected by electricians when capturing electrical inspection and testing observations..

This is not only beneficial for quickly capturing observations - it also provides consistent observation wording which helps the engineering manager better analyse and plan remedial works that result from the inspection and testing project.

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