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Smarter EI&T using the EDIS Cloud




Smarter EI&T ensures your buildings are compliant and your duty of care is fulfilled



EDIS is used in large estates and large buildings providing a single repository for their electrical compliance data



Smarter data capture service to ensure you get the best out of your data

Automate the management of your electrical certificates and compliance reporting

Large hospitals and large estates have 100's electrical distribution boards and 10,000's of circuits that need to be inspected and tested. The volume of boards, circuits, test data and observations dictates that a system is required if the work is to be done efficiently and accurately. Without a suitable system, electrical test planning and compliance reporting become unnecessarily time-consuming, inaccurate and difficult. The EDIS system solves this problem.

Large NHS hospitals are using EDIS to power their Smarter EI&T®  process.  EDIS drives efficiencies by automating the creation of certificates, the reporting of electrical compliance and the tracking of the status of testing and remedial tasks.

EDIS provides a low cost, estate-wide electrical certificate solution aligned with BS7671; providing a cloud based, single data store and one version of the truth for all electrical data across an estate.

The EDIS system automates the creation and management of electrical certificates. The benefits include :

  • Automated record keeping
  • Automates electrical compliance reporting
  • Improved data accuracy and reliability
  • Reduced rekeying of data
  • Reduced cost of compliance management
  • Tracks all electrical certificates to completion and storage
  • Stores the data for summary and detail reports
  • Saves time and effort in storing, finding and retrieving data

Electrical certificate software features include:

  • Quickly create electrical installation condition reports
  • Quickly create new electrical installation certificates
  • Quickly create electrical minor works certificates
  • Excel templates for condition reports, new installation certificates, and minor works certificates
  • Automatically updating board schedules, distribution networks, and other electrical distribution information
  • Securely stores electrical certificate data and documents for future use
  • User interfaces including Excel, browser, PC, phone or tablets
  • Offline or online mode
  • Permission management that ensures the right access for the right persons
  • Secure, cloud-based system with rigorous security controls
  • Enables electricians and engineers to easily share all electrical information
  • An open data system and supports many data exchange formats including PDF, Excel and JSON
  • Full cloud-based service, backed up and performant

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