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EDIS is used by 1,000's of electricians for creating electrical certificates. As with previous versions, EDIS Local V2.0 is free,fully functional software for electrical certificates - you only pay if you want to syncs with EDIS Cloud.

If you are currently using EDIS Local it will automatically upgrade OR you can DOWNLOAD

Free electrical testing software downloaded more than 1000 times

EDIS Local the popular and free electrical testing software has been downloaded over 1000 times by electricians needing a full suite of free software for their electrical inspection and testing certificates.

The continually growing community of EDIS Local users has endorsed the "always free" electrical testing software and regularly update their their copies to ensure they have the latest version of the software.


The latest release of EDIS Local has been made available on the EDIS website - and can be downloaded here - you read more on the EDIS Local Forum
EDIS Local is free to use - future releases will sync with EDIS Central the internet based solution of managing electrical compliance.

Better tracking and monitor Observations and Recommendations

An enhancement to the way EDIS manages fault codes associated with Inspection and Testing Observations and Recommendations has been released.

When managing a large estate an integrated system is required to track and monitor the observations and recommendations created during Inspection and Testing these are recorded in the building’s Condition Report (previously the Periodic Inspection Report). This is a specific challenge for M&E Technical and Engineering Directors responsible for estates where a large number of contractors do work.

EDIS LOCAL - free Electrical Certificates Software

EDIS Local is a PC, Tablet or Smartphone based version of EDIS, EDIS is software for creating electrical certificates and managing electrical compliance.  EDIS Local will sync with EDIS Central the internet based system for managing electrical compliance.  EDIS Local will allow electricians to create, edit, complete and print electrical certificates.  Comparing EDIS Local to EDIS Central

EDIS Local - Beta Released

EDIS Local Beta version has been released for public download. EDIS Local is free software for electrical certificates and electrical testing. EDIS Local will allow paying subscribers to sync with the EDIS cloud based system - providing an increase in efficiency for electricians working on site. EDIS local provides fully functional software for creating electrical certificates and can be downloaded here or goto

Electrical Compliance using EDIS Best Practice Guides

Announcing the availability of EDIS best practices - the practices assist the estate managers, technical managers and compliance managers to ensure that their electrical infrastructure is compliant.  To do this a series of questions need to be answered, the correct answers will provide confirmation of electrical compliance:

New Release of EDIS for BS 7671 2008: Amendment 1 - 7Dec2012

A new release of EDIS has been released, this release provides features and functions to ensure that all the BS7671,2008 Amendment 1 features and functions are available.  Previous BS7671 formats remain in place allowing contractors and M&E managers to migrate to the new format as soon as they are ready.  Further details are available here:

EDIS Release

New EDIS release - 13 October 2011

A NEW VERSION of EDIS was been released on 13 October 2011. The following enhancements have been made: 1. The Select Building page has been optimized, large building lists are handled presented faster. This will be most visible where estates have more than 1,000 buildings. 2. Test instrument serial numbers can now be included in your EDIS profile. You can edit these details directly via the certificate process or in your profile. This is a time saving feature and allows the user to re-use or change Test Instrument serial numbers.

EDIS Sept2011 has been successfully migrated

A new version of the web based electrical certificates and electrical testing system for large and small organisations has been launched. The data from 5000 buildings and all users has been successfully migrated to the new system.

The upgrade improves EDIS user rights management giving user more control of their way they want to use the system.

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