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Electrical certification software for estates

Choreographed electrical testing



Smarter EI&T using the EDIS Cloud




Smarter EI&T ensures your buildings are compliant and your duty of care is fulfilled



EDIS is used in large estates and large buildings providing a single repository for their electrical compliance data



Smarter data capture service to ensure you get the best out of your data



The safety certification of electrical systems requires specialist electrical inspection and testing skills. The resulting certification requires specialist software to ensure the records and are effectively stored and maintained. General compliance, CAFM, BIM or asset management systems do not, and have no interest, in providing the level of detail required to effectively manage electrical compliance information.

Please find the full article attached below.

Health Estates Journal - Article October 2016

Attached please find the article "Prevailing approaches to Electrical Inspection and Testing Planning are broken", published in the Health Estate Journal, October 2016, P. 47-49. Link to article

EDIS Presents at the IHEEM Southern branch meeting

Last night the Smarter EI&T innovation was presented to the IHEEM Southern branch in Winchester. The meeting was well attended and the IHEEM Chairman, Julian Amey, and President, Chris Northey were also present. A lively discussion on the relative merits of the Smarter EI&T proposition for managing NHS Trust Hospitals' electrical compliance was held. Michael Joubert did the presentation and included a demonstration of how EDIS enables Smarter Electrical Inspection and testing.
The presentation is attached along with the handout.

Cobweb (IS) Ltd has trademarked the Smarter EI&T


Cobweb (IS) Ltd has successfully trademarked the "Smarter EI&T" logo and phrase.

This trademark protects the Smarter EI&T brand - This strengthens and complements the message to the market that:

IHEEM Yorkshire Branch - Seminar on Managing Electrical Compliance

THU, 7 APR AT 18:00, LEEDS, IHEEM Yorkshire Branch - Seminar on Managing Electrical Compliance
By: IHEEM Yorkshire Branch

IHEEM Yorkshire Branch hosted a seminar on managing Electrical compliance. The presentation will described the process efficiently planning, controlling and monitoring electrical inspection and testing programmes.

Electrical compliance management is challenging due to the complexity, size and cost of the project. However, it cannot be ignored as it is needed for statutory compliance reasons.

HEALTH ESTATES JOURNAL - APRIL 2016 - Publishes Smarter Electrical Inspection and Testing and EDIS news article

The Health Estates Journal, the journal of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering & Estate Management published a news article on Smarter EI&T ® and EDIS.

The attached document provides the text.


Smarter EI&T powered by EDIS V3.0 is a new innovation and best practice that reduces the cost, risk and time of electrical compliance management by automating the management of electrical data and the planning of electrical compliance.

Smarter EI&T is an integrates a process, governance and a system in order to more efficiently manage electrical compliance in line with the Electricity at Work Act and supporting regulations, including BS7671.

For further information please see the attached PDF.

The Latest EDIS Local V3.0 has been released (13 Dec 2015)

In addition to providing new enhancements, the V3.0 release of EDIS Local is a major release and will bring EDIS Local inline with the latest BS7671:2008 Amendment 3 2015.

EDIS Local provides a free, fully functional electrical testing and certificate software. EDIS Local syncs with EDIS Cloud providing a efficient way for creating electrical certificates and sharing the data with all stakeholders.

EDIS Cloud V3.0 was released on 17 June 2015.

EDIS V3.0 is a full re-write of the EDIS System which is used to manage electrical compliance. The new version remains in development with ongoing improvements to the features and performance planned.

The EDIS CLoud and EDIS Local products are used in more than 5000 buildings and by more than 3000 users to create electrical certificates and manage electrical compliance. 

EDIS is unique because it enables smarter electrical compliance management

EDIS Upgrade to V3.0 Preparations for Migration

EDIS V3.0 is being prepared to upgrade the system from V2.0 to V3.0; final preparation and testing will continue for the next two weeks. The revised release date forthe upgrade is 18June2015; this is two weeks later than planned.

The upgrade is a total re-development of the system and will provide a better user experience for both PC and Tablet users.

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