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The change from the 17th edition to the 18th Edition (BS 7671:2018) has started

 The Wiring Regulations change in order to improve, clarity and keep up to date with the developments and advances in technology for protection against electric shock and fire.  The 1st June 2017 marked the start of the next change and started the move from the 17th to the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations; these are due to be published in July 2018 and will come into full effect in January 2019. The 18th edition is in “Draft for Public Comment” stage during which wider consultation is sought; final comments need to be presented before the end of August 2017.

Our interest in these changes is primarily related to how the EDIS software can better support the electrical certification and compliance management.

The current draft proposes that all socket-outlets with a current rating of less than 32 A should have an RCD.  SImilarly, the draft proposes that luminaires within domestic premises are to have additional protection by a 30 mA RCD when installed in an AC final circuit.

 As the number of RCD’s increases the RCD rating will need to be captured and the test results will need to be recorded.  EDIS is working to ensure the RCD testing process and the capturing of observations is as efficient as possible.

 The figure above displays the minimum information that is requried when testing an RCD - in addition to this electricians may need to capture observations and recommendations relating to the RCD. 

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