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Testing large buildings and complex infrastructure is not for the faint hearted

Our observation over the last 10 years is that fixed wire testing electrical contractors, engineers and electricians are skilled and competent. However, another observation is that electrical testing programmes for large buildings and estates are fraught with issues such as incomplete testing, incomplete documentation, lack of transparency, disagreement on scope and completeness of work, tasks that are difficult to track and manage - all this leads to dissatisfied customers

From our observations of 100’s of fixed wire testing programmes, we believe the dissonance between competent electricians and satisfactory client experience is rooted in the complexity of the tasks, the volume of data required to record and reports on the results of a fixed wire testing programme. Receiving, manipulating and updating 1,000’s of circuits and observations is a challenge for even the most organised of teams.
The EDIS system has continually evolved to address this challenge – each EDIS feature is focussed on reducing the effort of fixed wire testing and increasing the accuracy of electrical data.
This article explains EDIS’s mission to automate the electrical inspection and testing process using Smarter EI&T®, a process and integrated system that aims to reduce re-capture, unnecessary work and improve automation wherever possible.

Modern buildings’ electrical infrastructure is complex, particularly 'technical buildings' containing trading floors, laboratories, operating theatres, data centres, broadcast suites, IT rooms, call centres - each with their own mission critical 24x7 operating requirement. The electrical infrastructure supports mission critical business functions. Periodic electrical tests are required to confirm the safety and suitability of the electrical infrastructure.
Testing these facilities is not for the faint hearted and requires a coordination, clear communication and good planning.

Good planning starts with having accurate data on distribution board schedules, the areas they impact and their circuits. The plan will include a scope of work based on the areas, boards and circuits that need to be tested. Accurate distribution board locations, circuit charts, network diagrams and the last test/next test date for each circuit are an essential requirement for an accurate scope of work.

When testing starts the electrical schedules should to be easily available to electricians in a clear, easy to use format. This format can be used to capture the test data for electrical tests and resulting observations. This should be done with minimal recapture (maximum re-user) of existing distribution board data. Large buildings can have over 10,000 circuits – retyping this information is not efficient.

Following the testing the certificates must be generated, reviewed, signed off and stored. The certificates then need to be provided to the client and the distribution board schedules, circuits and follow up actions required need to be updated and made available for the building records and ongoing building support activities.
Smarter EI&T®, powered by EDIS, provides a system that aims to automate many of the steps of the process – from the planning, receiving documentation, capturing test results and observations to the updating of final documentation.
Smarter EI&T® results in accurate data, better planning, less re-capture, lower costs and improved record keeping.

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