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Incorporating the BS7671:2008 3rd amendment due in 2015

The final updates to BS7671 (2008) amendment number 3 will be published at the end of this year.

There are a number of changes to the standard including changes to the Appendix 6 model forms for certification. The EDIS system is currently based on BS 7671:2008 Amendment no 1: 2011 (the second amendment related to – Electric Vehicle Charging Installations, so no changes were required for the 2nd amendment).

The 3rd amendment will be introduced in January 2105, and must be implemented on or before 1st July 2015. the period January to June 2015 will be the transitional period, and during that time either version of 7671 can be used.

The changes to EDIS required to support the 3rd amendment will be implemented during the transition period - you should experience no change in service and there are no additional costs.

The changes that impact the EDIS system relate specifically to changes in the BS7671 - Appendix 6 Model forms. The model forms include: electrical installation certificate, minor works certificate and the electrical installation condition report

Changes to the Electrical Condition Report.

Amendment 3 will make a small number of changes to the electrical installation condition report and associated notes. It will also include the requirement to carry out an inspection within an accessible roof space where electrical equipment is present in that roof space. The reporting of the outcome of these inspections will continue to be flagged as Actions Required in EDIS. This provides a simple tracking mechanism to address any faults found across the estate.

Changes to the New Installation Report

Amendment 3 will make a significant change to the certification of new work: the schedule of inspections (for new work only) has been replaced by examples of items that require inspection during initial verifications (which must be appended to the electrical installation certificate). EDIS currently allows appendixes to be added to all certificates, so already caters for this requirement ; any specific changes will be assessed once the standard is published.

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