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How To Undertake Fixed Wire Testing Effectively

An article that shares some of our experiences at the priorities and requirements when undertaking fixed wire testing and reporting, and at some of the pitfalls, if best practice is not followed. This article appears in the June 2020 edition of the Health Estates Journal.

The EDIS team have been tracking, recording, and managing fixed wire electrical inspection condition reporting for over 10 years, and during this time thousands of electrical certificates have been issued. The article describes our observations over this period, and the lessons we have learned while observing how fixed wire testing is planned, completed, and reported.  Our experience is that, in general, electricians complete their work to a good standard, that adheres to the various regulations. However, electrical risks often remain unresolved and unknown. It is, of course, the responsible person’s duty to ensure that all electrical risks are identified, quantified, and addressed.  In order to meet this requirement, fixed wire testing programmes need to provide three key deliverables: 

  • A completed and certified electrical inspection condition report. Without a completed certificate there is no record of the inspection, testing, and recommendations 
  •  If the condition report is 'unsatisfactory', the remedial work identified in the report needs to be completed.  If the issues identified during inspection and testing are not addressed, the electrical infrastructure will remain non-compliant.
  • An acceptable level of inspection and testing coverage needs to be achieved. If a reasonable sample of the installation is not tested, the risk cannot be fully assessed.

The full articel is also available as a pdf below:


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