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Building a distribution network

Building up the distribution network to show for example the mains supply, main Fuse Board and cascade of boards. For this EDIS Local process you need to be aware of three useful fields:
- "Mains Distribution" field on the edit board details form (tick this box if the board is fed from a Supply, e.g a transformer or electricity company supply). When this box is selected the "Supply to DB is from" drop down box changes to allow the selection from the available main supply. If the board is not fed from a main supply do not tick this box.
-"Is this a Sub-main field" in the edit circuits form, when this field is selected, the circuit appers in the "Supply to DB is from" drop-down, allowing the user to select the "parent board and circuit" which is feeding a board
-All three phases supply the same point, this is useful for 3-phase circuits which supply another board, it ensure that a three phase circuit can supply another 3 phase board.
To build the distribution system:
1. Goto installation and create a supply, e.g. general supply
2. For Board 1, tick "Mains Distribution" and select the supply from the "board is fed from" drop down
3. For Board 1, circuit L1 tick field "Is this a sub-main"
4. For Board 1.1, select the Board 1, circuit L1 supply from the "board is fed from" drop down This should result in
A chain of boards and circuits : General Supply-feeds->Board1/L1-feeds->Board1.1

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