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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When was EDIS launched?

EDIS was initiated in June 2005 in support of a $18million Elelctrical Inspection and Testing project that needed to be tightly controlled and managed.

Question: How do I add another Building?

Buildings are added by the building administrators - contact the Building Administrator and request the creation of a building. After the Building Administrator has created a building you will need to request Access to the building

Question: I have lost my PASSWORD!

Your username is your email.
To reset your password: On the login screen you will see a "Forgot Your Password?" link; enter your email address and you will receive an email with a link to a password reset page.


BS7671: 2018 Amendment 2 dates
These are provisional dates as of Dec2020, these dates can change at any time:

The 2nd Amendment to the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2018) was opened as a Draft for Public Comment (DPC) from 21 September to 11 December 2020. The DPC is now being reviewed before a final version is decided upon.

- Release date : 28 March 2022
- Implementation date: 28th March 2023

Question: How to edit a circuit via the rbowser

To directly edit a circuit in EDIS via a browser: Login, select estate/building and select the Board menu option (The board list is shown). Click on board reference (the board circuits list is shown), click on the drop down next to the circuit, then select the edit option. This will provide a screen which allows you to change the circuit details. Edit the circuit and don't forget to save once you are done.

Question: I have lost a certificate - how can I find it?

1. Login into EDIS.
2. From the landing page (Select Building page).
3. Look for the OR Dropdown list of options
4. Select the option "View All Certificates in your Building"
5. Then, filter on a condition to locate the certificate

This should provide a list of all certificates in all your buildings and allow you filter on conditions. If you cannot find the certificate on this list, it does not exist.

If you think this is a system error please contact support via the Help menu option.

Question: How can we bulk load data into the system?

EDIS support can assist with importing the bulk data into the system or if required we can assist with the manual capture of the data.

Question: Are there any file or server size limits?

There are no limits but a reasonable usage policy applies based on your subscription.

Question: We need to understand security of your system do you have encryption and firewalls?

Our passwords are all encrypted and all servers are protected by firewalls. You can find more here

Question: Are there hidden costs i.e. if we want changes at any time will we be charged for these?

No hidden costs. The system is used by a number of large estates, all required functionality is in place.
New features are handled as follows:
- Changes to regulations and specification are immediately implemented at no charge
- If the user community requests a change or addition of a feature it will be implemented free of charge
- If some bespoke functionality is required by a single subscribing company, then there will be a charged to that company at the market rate. This has never been required as all functionality is in place.

Question: How many licenses do we need?

The single recurring fee covers access for all users from the subscribing company plus 10 users from client or partner companies, no additional licenses are required.

Question: What is included in the fee?

Each agreement is different, however for example:
- Unlimited Subscriber Company users plus 10 “other” users from other companies, e.g. subscriber company clients or sub-contractors.

The fee covers everything : ongoing upgrades, system enhancements and changes required by regulations, data storage and hosting, unlimited email support (Because the system is easy to use and self service is built into the service,a fair use rule is applied, the fair use policy allows for circa 60 emails per month).

Question: Is there a data transfer cost into or out of the system if the agreement is terminated?

No, there is no data transfer cost if the agreement is terminated we hold the data for 5 years after termination, you have access to the data, but cannot create new certificates or add data.
Further, all data can be downloaded in pdf or Excel format by the user

Question: Abbreviations, Acronyms and meanings

A list of abbreviations and acronyms are shown here.

Question: How do I revert a certificate to status: "Draft"

The Building Administrator can revert certificates with status "Signed Original" and "Original/Duplicate" back to status "Draft". You will need Building Administrator rights to do this task. If a certificates is in status "Authorised by contractor/awaiting Supervisor Acceptance", then the Supervisor will need to reject the certificate in order to get it back to the "Draft" status.

NOTE: Certificates go through the following statuses: Draft, Authorised by contractor/awaiting Supervisor Acceptance, ( "Original/Duplicate" )** and finally Signed Original.

** The Original/Duplicate status only applies where digital signatures are not in EDIS.

Question: How do I request "Building Administrator" rights?

To request Building Administration rights:
Goto menu option: Personal, select Request Building Access

If you are a Building Administrator you can approve Building Access requests:
Goto menu option: Site Administration - Approve Building request.

The Building Administrator can also create and edit building details.

Question: How do I Approve Building Access requests?

If you have Building Administration rights you can approve Building Access requests:
Goto menu option: Site Administration - Approve Building request.

If you don't have Building Administration rights, you can request the rights. To request Building Administration rights:
Goto menu option: Personal, select Request Building Access

Question: How do I print EDIS Distribution Board schedules?

Follow these steps to print DB schedules:
- Login
- Select building e.g. Elstree
- Go to reports option on the main menu
- Select Distribution Board
- Remember to tick the box next to the boards you want to print
- Then click Generate, this will generate a PDF file with the board schedules.

You can also filter on various parameters, e.g. certificate, location or description. This will result in a filtered list, you can then select the boards you want and click generate.

Question: Can I make changes to a completed (status =Signed Original) certificates?

Signed Original certificates are locked down and no changes can be made to the certificates. However, EDIS provides an addendum facility which allows the user to add an addendum which is attached to the original document. An audit trail of all addendums to certificate is kept.

See the instructions here:
Adding an addendum to a certificate

Question: How does EDIS fit in with NICEIC/NAPIT

The NICEIC/NAPIT maintain a roll of Approved Contactors that are assessed every year to check that their work meets the National Safety Standard BS 7671 (the IEE Wiring Regulations) and other relevant technical standards.

One of the rules of NICEIC/NAPIT enrolments is that Contractors must issue Electrical Installation Certificates for all work undertaken. EDIS facilitates the completion of electrical certificates in line with the latest BS7671 wiring regulations.

Question: How does the contractor print the Test Certificates?

Certificates are put into a PDF document which can be printed and signed by the contractor. A copy of the PDF is available on the EDIS system, whenever the contractor requires it. PDF’s are marked as original or duplicate. Only contractors may indicate when the certificate is authorized as completed.

Question: How much does it cost?

EDIS Local -the PC based version is free, EDIS Local syncs with EDIS Cloud.

EDIS lLoud is provided on a subscription basis. Subscribing Organisations agree to a 3 year subscription, payable annually in advance. The cost is based on the number of distribution boards that the subscribing Organisation has entered into the system.

Question: How can I register for the system?

Please contact:
to register for EDIS.

Question: What about security and user rights?

The user rights are designed to control access to the systems, allowing changes to be made only by those who authorized to do so by the Electrical Supervisor.

There are there levels of users:

Building Administrators – who create Electrical Supervisors and Contractors.

Electrical Supervisors – who create, delete, edit and update data. They also request the certificates.

Electrical Contractors – who complete the certificate information and autho.rize the final copy of the certificate

Question: How do I issue Periodic Inspection Certificates?

A building must exist in the EDIS system before a Periodic Inspection Certificates can be created. Some basic data is required, viz. addresses and supply details. Once the basic detail is in place a draft certificate can be created, updated and completed.
Periodic,minor works or new installation certificates can be created by logging, selecting a building and then selecting the Certificates option form the main menu.   
Refer: Creating a new certificate

Question: What does EDIS do?

The Electrical Distribution Information System provides a simple, convenient document management system to create, edit and store all information relating to electrical installations. The system’s data is based on the requirements of the national standard for safety of electrical installations, BS 7671: Requirements for electrical installations. The system contains all the data required to: update and print distribution board charts.

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