EDIS - Smarter Periodic Inspection and Testing (Periodic Condition Reporting)



The duty holder has a duty of care to ensure that their systems are safe and to comply with BS 7671;

If you have a situation where certain parts of the installation cannot be shut down for periodic electrical testing - the duty holder still has a duty of care to ensure that their systems are safe and to comply with BS 7671. This situation can continue for years...The irony is that those circuits for which permission to isolate is refused are those which require the most scrutiny to ensure that they do not fail.

There are some key questions in terms of compliance, cost and priorities:

  • What do we need to test?
  • When do we need to test it?
  • Are we compliant?
  • Are we spending unnecessarily?
  • What is the priority?

EDIS answers these questions for an entire estate easily!

The schematic shows the virtuous cycle of that is triggered  by the Smarter Electrical Inspection and Testing. EDIS ensures all the required compliance data is centrally stored, providing an easy to query repository for condition reporting, compliance monitoring and reporting.

EDIS's Smarter EI&T facilitates the planning, management and monitoring of Electrical Compliance for large buildings and estates.

EDIS automatically keeps track of the last test/next test date for each electrical circuit across the estate, i.e it tracks compliance on a circuit by circuit basis. This means entire buildings or boards can be tested and EDIS will track the last test and the next test date; however if a circuit is not tested - EDIS will enable the duty holder to keep track of the non-compliance for future action. Ultimately saving time and money, while remaining compliant.:

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