EDIS Smarter Data Capture

EDIS SOLVES A DATA CAPTURE PROBLEM: Good data provides better planning and better compliance

Electrical records are difficult to maintain, however there is a solution: Over the past 3 years the EDIS customer support team has developed tools to capture and collate electrical records; these tools have been applied on large estates with over 5,000 buildings and large buildings with over 800 distribution boards. The tools include automated data conversion with validation rules, excel macros for uploading and fast manually capture of data. The end result is a single repository where data can be searched, filtered and re-used by all authorised users.

In order to maintain electrical records a good set of initial data is required. The EDIS data capture service ensures that a comprehensive and correct record of the electrical instillation is available.The EDIS data capture service, collects, collates and captures all electrical data into the EDIS Cloud ensuring all the data is ready and available to authorised users.

With an accurate list of boards and circuits in hand designers, electrical managers, contractors and maintenance crews can reuse the data for their electrical planning, new installation, minor work or condition reporting projects. Having an accurate set of data ensures better tendering, reporting and compliance. EDIS has been designed to manage large volumes of electrical data, it provides:

  • Single repository of all electrical data
  • Change logs for certificates
  • Change log for distribution boards
  • Easy printing of electrical schedules
  • Easy searching for boards and circuits
  • Data is available for download in PDF, Excel
  • Data can be uploaded from Excel

The schematic shows the virtuous cycle of that is triggered  by the Smart Data Service: The data is stored in a central repository, from where it can be searched and used to create electrical certificates or edit distribution board schedules.  The central repository enables easy and convenient re-use of the data, the updated information is stored in the central repository which continues the cycle - enhancing efficiency, saving time and improving compliance.

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