Choreographed electrical document and process management

EDIS transforms the electrical compliance process from a "broken" process that uses disparate systems into an efficient, electronic process with a central cloud repository. EDIS provides tools to elegantly manage the creation and maintenance of 10,000’s of pages of electrical inspection and testing certificates and board schedules for 1,000's of buildings.;

For Example:

A large London NHS hospital uses EDIS to consolidate their electrical schedules and EI&T planning providing a central repository accessible by all stakeholder – ensuring the future documentation is version controlled and updated in a central location

EDIS has been designed to support the electrical data and document management :


  • Automate the process of updating electrical records: On completion of an EDIS electrical certificate, the board schedules, compliance status and electrical testing plan are updated automatically
  • Change logs ensure all changes are auditable and the EDIS database ensures flexible reporting
  • Status reports provide a view into the changes and compliance status
  • Status email alerts to users ensure no incomplete tasks can be ignored


The diagram shows a "broken" ASIS process with disparate systems, file formats which is difficult to consolidate, monitor with inefficient data sharing ; and

a proposed TOBE process with a single centralised system, standardised process, better visibility, access, sharing of all the information

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