Manage all your buildings in a single repository

EDIS is the Enterprise Solution for managing large estates's electrical data -providing a single repository for all electrical data. Everyday EDIS helps large property estates to efficiently manage their electrical information. EDIS is battle tested with over 5,000 buildings under management, including private and public sector estates.

EDIS provides easy access to 1,000's buildings, 1,000's documents and 1,000's distribution boards.
It allows all stakeholders to efficiently manage the documentation and data required for accurate record keeping for electrical compliance data.

EDIS is a multi-user cloud based system – accessible from any browser by authorised users.


The EDIS system provides an integrated electrical inspection and testing repository for estates with any number of buildings. It holds all distribution board schedules,electrical certificates, documentation - all information required to manage electrical compliance elegantly and efficiently.

The select building page is the portal through which users access their buildings; it allows the user to navigate between different estates, buildings, request user rights and generate estate wide reports.

There are 8 elements on this portal page:

EDIS first page


1. The estate name changes as the estate selected changes, change the Estate seected by selecting 3.

2. The user rights change for different estates and buildings -ensuring a fine grained control over estate and building access; rights change depending on how the rights have been assigned

3. Select estate – Selecting different estates will change the building list; you will only be able to select estates for which you have Estate Access (Estate visibility)

4. If the estate you require is not on the “select estate” list you can Request Estate Visibility, if the estate is not available, then you can create an estate using the Create Estate option in the OR dropdown box.

5. These reports relate to the entire estate: You can run any of these reports

6. Select a Building by clicking on the Building name – mouse over the building to see the rights you have in the building. If you cannot click on the building you will have no rights in the Building

7. Request Building access rights – if you do not have the required rights you can request them by clicking on the relevant link. An email will be sent to the Building Administrator they will have to approve your request

8. Main Menu- Edit Personal The Personal menu option allows the user to change details, view the roles they have and check the status of their requests.

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